What if you didn’t need to know the answer
to be an effective social impact leader?

You’re either an executive director, CEO, holistic practitioner, team member, or social entrepreneur. You believe in what you do, and the responsibilities keep mounting -
to do lists, meetings, networking, relationship building, not to mention tending the fire at home too.

It comes in waves - feeling frustrated with all that you have to balance and juggle, and then at the end of the day, the news can feel like the final nail in the coffin. “My work is just a drop in the bucket.” You “know” it’s not true or useful to think that way, but at the end of a long day, sometimes you just feel alone and isolated.

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listen to their story

Learn how current members move from isolation to connection and resilience.

You can’t do it alone.

You’re looking to find your feet underneath you - to feel more balanced, empowered, capable and impactful in your work. Even more, it’s essential that you feel it - the visceral sense that your work is actually contributing, with relevant and appropriate impact, towards the larger movement. As you are well aware, we are experiencing a convergent whole-systems crisis, which means we are lost unless we focus our attention on ways to synergize and synchronize our efforts.

It starts with belonging.

You want to feel a solid root connection; an embodied sense that you belong and that good people that you trust have got your back, will pick you up when you fall on your face, and patiently support you to get back on your feet, learn from the experience, and keep going, stronger than before.

As natural connections, collaborations and friendships develop with peers who are also stretching into new landscapes of what is possible, you notice your shoulders begin to relax.

In AVF’s Peer-2-Peer Leadership Circles, we focus on:

Resilience, Resonance, Synergy & Synchronicity

Resilience is about cultivating your sense that “you’ve got this.” This means developing reliable pathways (aka systems) that you can walk on, every day, to rejuvenate your energy, hone your task management skills, and strengthen your capacity to consistently choose your path of courage.

Resonance allows for you to fly in v-formation with your team - attuned to each other’s needs, skills and inspiration. Resonance fosters a harmonic quality that generates breakthroughs in creativity with precise execution. Your team becomes a highly-tuned instrument - thinking, feeling and moving as one.

Synergy & Synchronicity open up a whole spectrum of possibilities in regards to engaging in coordinated action with peers in your field. The age of competition is on its last breath. The work of our generation is to learn together how to synergize and synchronize our efforts, like a symphony playing a breathtaking concerto.

What does it look like in practice?

Listen to your deeper wisdom. See the invisible path.

P2P Leadership Circles hold space for you
to listen to the voice that whispers;
and look into the bramble,
with no idea of how to bushwhack through this impossible terrain.

Through disciplined systems and practices
that bring calm, focus, attention and intention;
you are able to see the invisible path emerge.