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International Water Appreciation Day & The "Day Out of Time"

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In alliance with a global movement to synchronize with the rhythms of natural time and to honor our precious water, as the source of life on earth, we are holding a meditation and ceremony to honor this momentous day.

We will be connecting with a large ceremonial gathering happening at the sacred site of Teotihacan, as well as a latticework of local gatherings happening all around the globe to honor the significance of this particular day, in the annual cycle.


Here’s what to expect:

  • Arrive at 7pm (please be on time :)

  • Bring a cushion and blanket, so we can sit in a circle. Also, bring a sacred object for our altar and a small jar of water from a body of water that you love (it could also be your home’s water).

  • I will introduce the intention for the event and share a brief introduction to the 13 Moon Calendar, which is based on the ancient wisdom of Mayan time scientists.

  • We will have time for silent meditation to connect with the ceremonies happening around the globe, to unify our intentions for peace, creative responses to our challenges, and the viability of our life systems.

  • We will each have an opportunity to share words about the significance about this time, and the importance of unified efforts for ‘subtle activism.”

Please RSVP HERE if you would like to come, and I will send you the address of our home office, where the event will take place. The event is free, however tax-exempt donations for AVF will be happily accepted