AVF is seeking an Operations Manager

Alliance for a Viable Future is a growing organization with the mission of serving social impact leaders - people who lead businesses and organizations that are taking a stand for the generations to come.  

We see a vision of an interconnected latticework of leadership circles throughout the northeast, that support leadership resilience, team resonance and movement synergy - in order to amplify our collective impact towards a viable future.

Please read through our whole website to see if you resonate with our mission, vision and work, before looking at the position.

I am looking for a computer & social-media-savvy change-maker, with an entrepreneurial spirit, who wants to learn the ropes and grow with a team.  If you are the right candidate for this position, you feel this vision in your bones, and you have been looking for an opportunity like this - to join a growing team dedicated to deep change. You may sense that you’ve been preparing for this position for years through:

  • the books that you read on ecological healing, racial justice, personal growth, social entrepreneurship, mysticism and nature-based spirituality;

  • the practices and ideas you’ve explored,

  • and the work experience that you bring to bear.  

As the founder of AVF, I am confident that you will learn and grow in miraculous ways.  As a leadership coach for the last ten years, I hold space for my clients, friends, and colleagues to grow into new realms of possibility, and the same applies to you, as a member of our team.

For the last ten years, I’ve been building this work as a solopreneur.  Now, AVF is growing and I need help to manage the operations of the organization.  You would be joining a dynamic advisory board, and an expanding network of colleagues, allies, members and supporters.  You would play a crucial role in:

  1. Serving members through innovative programs for social impact leadership

  2. Freeing up time for me, the founder to focus on writing, speaking, teaching, coaching, consulting and developing curriculum

  3. Supporting community-building efforts that strategically expand our network

What I need from the Operations Manager:

This is an on-the-job / learn-as-you-go position. I need help developing workflow and management systems for which you can take responsibility. Your presence and focus on the essential business systems will give AVF much needed operations management support
that will establish our solid organizational and programmatic structure. And, even more than executing business tasks, I need you to have integrity, be honest - say what you mean and mean what you say, be able to take care of yourself, and have a deep commitment to the mission and vision of AVF. In other words, I need you to:

  • Have mental & emotional intelligence, strength and resilience

    • I’ve worked on my own for the last ten years.  I work hard, I’m focused, and I take good care of myself.  I need you to do the same, so we can establish a steady pace together.

  • Speak up and set clear boundaries

    • I prioritize work/life balance.  I don’t get sick days, so I need to pace myself, in order to stay healthy and balanced.  I need you to take responsibility for your self care, in a similar way.

  • Be a quick learner and have the self-confidence that you can develop skills on the job

    • Passion and commitment to the mission and vision of AVF come first - you can always learn new skills.

  • Have a sense of seeing what needs to be done (when no one tells you what to do) and taking initiative.

  • Practical skills (that you know or are confident you can learn)

    • Email newsletters (mailchimp), social media marketing (facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, twitter) and website updating (squarespace)

    • Executive Administration

      • Scheduling

      • Calendar coordination

      • Basic Email Communications with members

    • Data Entry

      • Email addresses into Mailchimp

    • Project Coordination, Event Planning & Production (both online and in-person)

        • Zoom video conferences

        • Basic iPhone Photography at Events to document events

        • Introductory Meet-and-Greet Events

        • Fundraising Events

        • Event Registration

    • Basic Bookkeeping - Quickbooks

    • Co-creating management systems that make work more simple and efficient

Application Details:

Trial period at 10-12 hours per week with the opportunity to grow to full-time if we are a good fit. Hourly rate based on experience.

Send cover letter, resume, and portfolio of current projects (i.e. websites, blogs, etc.) to lev@themedicinetree.com. I prefer a candidate who lives local to the Great Barrington, MA area, but I won’t make a decision solely on that criteria.

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019. Accepting applications until position is filled.