Signature Talks

The Dao of Leadership

How to Answer the Call of this Critical Moment

If you’re paying attention, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed with the immensity of the task-at-hand. And yet, what’s truly needed is to access your inner calm in the midst of the storm. How is one to navigate the complexity and find a viable pathway that genuinely allows you to feel confident that others can depend on you and your choices?

For people to actually trust you and follow you,
you need leadership tools that withstand the test of time.
Quite simply, your ax needs to be sharp, so it can do its job.

In weaving together ancient wisdom with cutting-edge evolutionary thinking, we have access to the principles that don’t change, at a time when everything else is in flux. Learning to not only locate the eye of the storm, but take a stand in the calm, quiet center, gives you a line of sight to vision and perspective that no one else sees. This is what is being asked of you, just now, in this critical moment.

“The wise leader knows about pairs of opposites and their interactions.
The leader knows how to be creative.
In order to lead, the leader learns to follow.
In order to prosper, the leader learns to live simply.
In both cases, it is the interaction that is creative…
exceptions to these examples of traditional wisdom are very hard to find.”
-The Dao of Leadership by John Heider

STOP Meeting and START Circle-ing

How to Enliven Your Teams
and Transform Your Organizational Culture

Do you look forward to staff meetings? Do you usually end staff meetings with less energy and enthusiasm than when you started? What if you didn’t have to “meet” every again at work?

It’s time to let go of the traditional “meeting” at work. Gone are the days going through an agenda of items and getting stuck in conversational traffic-jams or power-struggles because of unclear decision-making processes.

In this talk, I explore a whole new way to be together, so you can do more with less effort. You see, while it is important to focus on the “what” and “how” of work objectives, the “why” gets very little airtime. And, ironically, if everyone was on the same page about your “why” then projects would flow with much more grace, ease and engagement.

We don’t tend to give enough attention to the “why” because it’s elusive and hard to describe. The “why” is the purpose behind all of your efforts - the reason that you do what you do. It lives in the heart and whispers to you in between the busy-ness of your to-do lists.

Meetings are focused on the “what” and the “how” - goals, objectives and strategic plans. Circles integrate the essential elements of a meeting into a more humane and relational context that seamlessly weaves in the “why.” When you leave a circle, you feel more connected to your fellow team members, to the purpose behind your organizational mission, and more engaged, committed and enthusiastic about going the extra mile to produce masterful work.

All Hands on Deck

Making The Case for Coordinating Our Efforts
through Cross-Sector Alliance-Building

All of our businesses, organizations and communities would thrive more if they focused their efforts on nourishing the viability of our overall human systems, as opposed to solely thinking about organizational success, milestones and achievement.

The Alliance for a Viable Future is committed to coordinating whole-system design processes for convening change-makers and organizational leaders who are actively engaged in initiatives that offer a paradigm shift from short-term results-driven culture to a long-term focus on fostering human and ecosystem resilience, regeneration and viability. When we take a stand to address social justice and racial equity, in addiction to wellness issues and environmental responsibility, new opportunities for creativity, innovation and partnerships emerge.