My Dear AVF Community,

I am deeply humbled and grateful that this time has arrived for us to weave together the threads of our growing community. This is our first, bi-annual Alliance for a Viable Future Retreat. Moving forward, I will be planning an in-person retreat at-least twice a year. The next will be scheduled for November 2019.

This is an “invite-only” retreat for the growing community of social impact leaders and practitioners who are involved in the work of the Alliance for a Viable Future and The Medicine Tree - through a leadership circle, private coaching, organizational consulting or local community event

If you are interested in attending, and have not been personally invited, and are learning about this through my email list, referral, or web search, you are welcome to apply by emailing me at, and sharing why you feel called to join us for this momentous occasion.

Here is the flow for the weekend


  • Friday, May 3rd | 6-9pm (optional event)

  • Saturday, May 4th

    • 9 - 11am: Optional Morning Hike

    • 12pm - 9pm ET (retreat officially begins at noon)

  • Sunday, May 5th | 10 - 1pm ET

    • 7:30 - 9am: Optional Morning Hike

    • 10 - 1pm: Closing Group Session

Race Brook Falls | Sheffield, MA

Race Brook Falls | Sheffield, MA



If you are planning to arrive on friday, I will offer an optional evening event, as follows: Friday Night, May 3rd | 6:00 - 9:00pm:

  • Welcome Dinner,

  • Tree of Life Documentary Viewing

  • Didgeridoo Sound Meditation

Please email me and let me know if you plan to come on Friday night for dinner, documentary film on The Mythological Tree of Life and a Didgeridoo Sound Meditation (this is an optional part of the weekend - we officially start at 12:00pm on Saturday, May 4th).


Arrive, Centering, Gratitude and Deep Visioning:
We will eat lunch and dinner together on Saturday

Arrive at 12pm on Saturday, begin with an opening circle, then lunch, a short nap, and then a group Medicine Walk, at a beautiful Racebrook Falls, a five minute drive from the house.

We return to the house for dinner all together, then a Soundbath with Didgeridoo, Tuning Forks, Flute, Singing Bowls and, of course, the Vowel Sounds.


Teaching & Discussion, Action Planning and Closing Circle
I will provide tea and light breakfast from 9-10am, and lunch from 1-2pm.

Sunday will open with teachings about the Core Principles of Resonance Circles and Designing for Possibility, which will open into a dynamic conversation about how the design principles apply to your particular scenario. Then, you will have time to map out your goals and next steps and present them in a small group before we end with a closing circle focused on inspiration and next steps. 


This schedule, from Saturday@12pm to Sunday@1pm, will give you time to travel here on Saturday morning and arrive back home at a reasonable hour on Sunday. 

Lodging & Healthy Food:

I will continue to update this list. And, if you are having trouble finding a place to stay, please be in touch, and we will make a plan together!


Pay-What-You-Can Registration: $100 and up
There is a $100 deposit to secure your spot for the weekend. At the end of the weekend, I will give you a form to fill out, where you can write down how much you would like to give for each of 4 contributions over the course of 4 months:

  1. May

  2. June

  3. July

  4. August

Thank you for registering with your $100 deposit, by March 20th,
which allows for essential preparations.