If you are working towards social change,
don’t go it alone.  

Be part of a leadership circle,
so you are more effective and don’t burnout.

Our vision

Our vision of leadership circles is inspired by forests - trees stand tall because their roots are connected.  We see circles as an essential process for emergent solutions to take root. We envision an interconnected root system of leadership circles becoming a regional culture that transforms the old story of  “business-as-usual” into an emerging pathway towards a viable future.

Our Mission

We commit to build an interconnected root system of leadership circles in the Northeast.  Membership will include social change leaders, organizations, b-corps, foundations, town and city governments and community groups.  

Circles serve as a place to:

(1) Replenish & nourish in order to prevent burnout; share support, accountability, guidance and perspective, so that a deeper wisdom emerges, especially when there aren’t easy answers; and contemplate, discuss and embody the deeper levels of being that are required to lead powerfully, courageously and effectively.

(2) Generate a resonant field of subtle activism to seed the conditions for conscious change

(3) Take collaborative, coordinated action for collective impact.

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