Here’s how to get involved…

  1. Come to an Upcoming Event - like drinking water when your lips are parched.

  2. Attend our monthly series called Origin Stories: The Purpose Behind What We Do - set the tone for your month and synchronize within a field of resonance.
    We meet for a one-hour zoom video conference, once a month, to engage in equinox/solstice meditations; discussions about an interview with a key thought leader in the field; and to tell stories that rejuvenate, inspire and strengthen our resilience.

  3. Join an AVF Peer Leadership Circle - we’ve got your back, so you can choose to walk your path of courage and wisdom.
    Current circles meet every week on zoom, and we are also developing local circles that meet in-person.

  4. Take the Trek to our AVF Retreats - honor & grow the deep roots of old-growth interconnectedness.
    We meet twice-a-year, in-person, for a whole weekend, and twice-a-year for a day-long virtual retreat.

More details to come…